The Tropicana Fest takes place in April 2023. The Tropicana Fest has different shows (time slots), spread over 3 days. Order your tickets for your favorite show here. During each show, you can admire both visual art (including the unique fritz-kola Meet You At The Fest Challenge) and a performance by a unique Rotterdam musical act. Get a drink at the BlueCity Bar, walk around and enjoy the art & music.

Day tickets and Fest tickets are available for the visitors who want to experience the whole day or even the entire event. We offer the visitor the option to pay based on ‘pay what it's worth’: you are free to support our festival by paying more than the minimum price when ordering*. The extra ticket proceeds will benefit the performing artist of your show.

As an extra addition to your ticket, you can book a tour through BlueCity: discover the impressive story of BlueCity, the history and the current status of the building and learn more about the circular entrepreneurs that operate within BlueCity (45 mins, starts from 6 people). You can also book ‘Priya’s Lunchbox’, consisting of 2 vegan Surinam sandwiches and a fritz-kola of choice.

Do you have questions about your order? Please contact us via tropicanafest@guusbok.nl.