By visiting the Tropicana Fest you support our social mission. We accomplish our mission by collaborating with unique organisations. Our social mission is anchored in our social objectives.


As part of our social mission, we will be putting special care to arrange a private tour for the children of the Bont Foundation. This foundation for young people with special disabilities helps them with new, playful experiences to stimulate their development in a positive way:

“To create meaningful working places for groups of young people with a mental disability that are between 18 and 27 years old in Rotterdam.”

They work 24/7 every day of the year to help these young people get the best out of themselves, regardless of or thanks to any special ability. We pride ourselves in being able to organize this as it gives us an equally important sense of belonging to the community.


We will activate the youth by collaborating and doing workshops with Stichting DOCK Rotterdam. DOCK helps people to improve their own lives and that of others:

“Every human being has talents and possibilities. We bring talents and possibilities together and support where needed. That is the power of togetherness, the power of DOCK.”

We are going to make children enthusiastic and curious about our visual art. In their summer program, children will make their own artworks based on the ‘real’ artworks that will be showcased during the Tropicana Fest. These artworks will be exposed during the festival itself.


Tropicana Fest is proud to announce that it will collaborate with the Willem de Kooning Academie in Rotterdam. Teacher Karin Arink will choose one student that will expose his or her work during the Fest.


BlueCity believes in a world without carbage and we do too! That’s why we offer visitors the possibility to book a guided tour through the inspiring building during the timeslot. This way, visitors will learn more about the circulaire mission of BlueCity and the amazing companies that it houses.


Tropicana fest is inclusive by nature, giving artists from all cultural backgrounds the opportunity to participate. We also want to give many visual artists and musicians the opportunity to use this platform to stimulate them to create and continue to develop and share their talent with the public.

The Fest is bilingual: we will communicate in both Dutch and English. This way, we invite the international community to join the Fest.


The goal is to enrich the diversity of the cultural scene with works of visual artists and musicians based in Rotterdam and make the former public pool Tropicana alive, loud, urban, and colorful again. In this cultural innovative festival, sound and vision come together and reinforce each other. Artists from diverse genres will meet each other in one festival. We will also connect multiple organizations in surprising collaborations. Finally, the audience will be able to connect with the art as well as each other. With the ‘Meet You At The Fest Experience’, people can do a fun assignment with ‘strangers’, thereby learning new people in a fun and relaxed way.