Welcome to the Tropicana Fest. Experience our unique hybrid event - a cultural festival celebrating both visual and music artists. It is held in the former Tropicana swimming pool, a unique architectural highlight of Rotterdam.

With the idea to bring the extraordinary together, Tropicana Fest is inviting 15 Rotterdam based visual artists, 7 musical acts and Rotterdam’s favourite puppet theater player. Discover this year's artists and order your ticket via the link below.


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Guus Bok Live Band Hellendaal DJ Sifu Wu Ntjam Rosie Max Horák Maas Vibes Franky Sticks Trio Vamonos Poppentheater Wim Noordgraaf Artist Artist Artist Artist Artist Artist Artist Artist Artist Artist Artist Artist Artist Artist


The theme of the exhibition is a city as an artificial creation and its effect on our lives. Every architectural creation, from its form, structure, material and colour has a great impact and influence on the psychological experiences of individuals. How do we live in the cities that were designed for us? How do they affect us? This unpalatable "tension" is something we would try to catch by juxtaposing nonorganic, geometric works with organic, soft and natural ones.

The exhibition will have a goal to enhance and expose this tension and to bring a question to the public about their place in urban living.


Since the first Tropicana Fest in 2020 the vision of Foundation NEON and Guus Bok Entertainment has been to connect people through art. We want to accomplish our mission by organising a unique, hybrid event: the Tropicana Fest.

Definitely inspired by the “Make it happen” credo of Rotterdam, we aim to create a cultural event that wants to bring people together, instead of polarizing them into music or art lovers. A beacon in Rotterdam's cultural scene.

With our mission, we bring new life to the former swimming pool Tropicana: we are loud, urban and colorful in this cultural innovative festival.