During the Tropicana Fest you can participate in the fritz-kola 'Meet You At The Fest' challenge. With this challenge, you solve a puzzle by doing small assignments and answering questions about the art images, musical acts, Bluecity and... each other. You can do the challenge with your friends, but also with people who are new to you! A super fun way to meet new friends or to experience something fun with your friends. If you have solved the puzzle correctly, you have a chance to win a fritz-kola surprise package, which is awarded by the presenter after each performance. You can pick up the fritz-kola challenge and hand it in at the bar.

Fritz-kola is Bluecity's main craft soda, and for good reason! Like Bluecity, fritz-kola wants to contribute to a more sustainable world. They do this by using natural ingredients and recyclable glass bottles. Fritz-kola is 100% plant-based and surprises with its fresh flavors and progressive philosophy. In addition to four variants of fritz-kola, you can now choose from 9 other lemonades. Let Fritz refresh you during the Tropicana Fest!