The Tropicana Fest will be held in BlueCity (also known as the former Tropicana swimming pool). BlueCity is a place for pioneers of the circular economy. We invite visitors to come by using the public transport, by walking or biking. Parking the car is also very much possible on the terrain next to the building and the boulevard, where local parking tariffs apply (free on friday from 18:00 and on the weekends - do check the parking meter to see for yourself that this still applies.

The location is inside a building, however it behaves much like an outside location. The temperature inside depends largely on the weather. If it’s cold outside, it’s cold inside. If it’s hot outside, it can surely become hot inside, as the location used to be a tropical swimming pool. Take this in mind when dressing up for the event.

In order to be able to control audience traffic, tickets for a timeslot have been chosen, with a maximum of 180 people each show. One-way traffic will also apply on some paths in the location. The dome will in any case be opened for ventilation purposes.

The entrance is at the door on top of the oval stairs, halfway the building. You will see a Tropicana Fest banner there. See the picture below:

As of yet, the location is not accessible for wheelchairs. We hope that this changes in the future.

Toilets are available at the left of the entrance.

Maasboulevard 100
3063 NS

Before and after your visit you can get a drink or lunch at one of the many nice local restaurants, such as Aloha, Brasserie Kaat Mossel, YOLO or Locus Publicus. We recommend The Student Hotel Rotterdam for a stay between festival days.


For possible questions you can contact

Tickets / info: info@neonfoundation.net

Press / bookings: tropicanafest@guusbok.nl